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UFC’s Colby Covington Pro Wrestling: ‘This might be an avenue I go down in the future’

UFC welterweight star Colby Covington isn’t looking at his relationship with Global Force Wrestling (GFW) as a deal for just a few appearances. The American Top Team (ATT) standout views the medium as a legitimate source for a second income. During a guest appearance on the Fight Strength Podcast, Covington was …

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Battle of Top Guys: John Cena Has Exposed Roman Reigns

In his latest piece for PWP Nation, Eron Ramadanov examines the feud between John Cena and Roman Reigns, and begs the question: has Roman Reigns been exposed?  In the professional wrestling business, there are only a handful of performers that can claim the role of “the guy.” When combing through …

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Tessa Blanchard: The Undisputed Future of WWE

PWP Nation’s CJ Moran gives his thoughts on the rising star in Tessa Blanchard and why she is the inevitable future of WWE’s women’s division When it comes to young and promising talent in professional wrestling, we as fans throw the term “future” around like a Cleveland Browns quarterback throws …

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“Hart Murmurs” Edition #77 – Early Speculation on the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

In his latest piece for PWP Nation, the legendary Bruce Hart takes a look at early 2018 WWE Hall of Fame picks and examines their worthiness. It’s been widely speculated that the first three inductees to the WWE Hall of Fame, class of 2018, will be the Undertaker, Batista and …

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The Greatest WWE Match in Modern History

In his first piece with PWP Nation, Sahid Conteh explains why he believes John Cena vs. CM Punk is the defining match of the PG Era.  I’ve been watching wrestling for many years now and one thing I’ve come to noticed is that with each coming time there’s one match …

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“Hart Murmurs” Edition #76 – Ric Flair is Forever

Greetings.  Back in the 80’s, just after I had defeated the legendary Dynamite Kid to win the coveted world mid-heavyweight championship, I was contracted by NWA promoter Steve Rickard to defend the title in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and South East Asia.  In addition to having me defend my world mid-heavyweight championship …

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