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WWE Officials Warned About More Nude Video Leaks Emerging

According to several reports from multiple sources including Fightful.com, it’s being said that WWE officials have been made aware of the possibility of more video and photo leaks emerging contain nude images of WWE talent.

As most already know, WWE Superstars Paige, Xaiver Woods, Summer Rae and many others have fallen victim to these leaks and several sources say that more are on the way.

Below is part of the Fightful.com report that they received about the WWE meetings about this issue, which included talent and professionals in the world of technology:

“There were several drills, many of which educated the talent on how to avoid phishing scams. Tips on how to spot fake websites, offers, and scams were also provided. Phones, USB drives, and other hardware as gifts weren’t outright prohibited, but were strongly recommended against, with one of the lines being ‘I don’t care if Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie give it to you, it’s not safe.’ Similar methods have been used to hack many celebrities. The company has made changes to moral policies as it pertains to social media, but not everyone has signed them as of now. WWE also made it clear that only the talent themselves and WWE’s team should be able to access their social media — not friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, children, or family, regardless of circumstance. Fightful.com was told that the meetings didn’t scold talent in any way, and were fairly light hearted considering the content that was addressed. WWE brought in specialists to answer any questions that their contractors have. The talent that Fightful heard from said they considered the meeting productive, as there are many on the roster who aren’t tech savvy.”

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