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WWE Needs to Forget ROH and NJPW for a Minute

Some of the top wrestlers in the world can be found under the banner of Ring of Honor and/or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

They have targets on their back and the WWE is going to miss out.


Let me start by saying that I HATE Impact/TNA/Anthem/Global Force/whatever they are this week. Behind the scenes, they are all clueless assholes, pardon the language.



It’s been YEARS since TNA has been great. Jeff Jarrett knew what he was doing. Yeah, maybe he’s total whack-a-do now, maybe he’s a complete mark for himself, but in 2002 I was paying $10 a week to watch their weekly show on PPV. They got the deal with a network television station(Spike) and the rest is history.

We can spend hours, if not days, if not WEEKS, arguing about where it went wrong, but the fact is: IT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG!

  • Bad Booking
  • Bad Angles
  • Bad Pushes
  • Clueless
  • Wasting Money
  • Faith In The Wrong People…..


TNA(There’s no point to call it anything else at this point) was up and coming. They had some of the best talent. They recognized amazing talent when WWE “let them go”. They signed people like Christain, R-Truth, Gail Kim etc… to carry the company so we had the chance to fall in love with Bobby Roode, Abyss, Velvet Skye and the entire X-Division. Yet again, this is not about how TNA went wrong, it’s about how they have always been right: Talent.



Here we are in 2017 and ROH along with NJPW are the forefront of talent. We as fans have completely written off TNA. Everything they do, everything they have, everything they are. Sadly it looks like the WWE is in the same boat after bringing in Eric Young and Bobby Roode. It feels as if they closed the door on TNA. They want Omega, they want Adam Cole, they want Marty Scurll and Hangman Page.

What about Eli? What about Rosemary? What about bringing back Sami Callihan/Solomon Crowe(With a better gimmick, I hope). How about the X-Division to bolster 205 Live at least? You don’t think Abyss would be a fun draw for a few months before asking him to be an agent, a booker to make great matches?  How about Taryn?  What about Rockstar Spudd, who went from an undersized, annoying turd and became one of the favorite wrestlers your fans have seen lately?


So we know TNA has messed up over and over and over again. Why are the talented wrestlers being the casualty of it? Why will WWE not look at Eli or Rasemary? Why are they so focused on ROH and NJPW? If nothing else, TNA has given the WWE and NXT an amazing platform. You have top-notch talent, with top-notch characters, who can do everything the WWE would want, and they’re being overlooked because the fans hate TNA in general. They are looked at like they have the black plague. They are shunned and ignore, yet we can see James Storm in an NXT ring.  It’s mind boggling.


WWE needs to forget ROH and NJPW for a while and find “home grown talent”. They need to look at TNA again. They need to search the indies. I love AJ Styles, but his time in NJPW really sold them. That can’t happen any longer. Forget ROH, forget NJPW…. because if they have the best of the best, it’s going to make WWE step up their game to create the true best of the best, much like they are doing with Braun, Joe and AJ Styles.




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