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WWE Must Make a Hard Decision on the Career of Nia Jax

Imagine working a job with an employee who is reckless, unsafe, dangerous, arrogant, not very good at what they do and shows no sign of improvement, but is the relative of a corporate big wig.

That is the issue WWE has with Nia Jax. While she isn’t a McMahon or a Dunn, she is a part of one of the most recognizable Samoan family in wrestling history: The Anoa’i Family.

If you watched the 2015 series Breaking Ground, you would already know that she is literally as green as a cucumber.

And to be honest if you watch her early NXT matches, and watch her last Raw match, she has hardly improved. If she was related to anyone else she wouldn’t even be on the road for NXT yet, much less on TV on the main roster.

But we all know the only reason why.

She has developed an arrogant ego on social media. I am not surprised that it flies in the locker room due to her background. Her tweets are a combination of F-U’s to people that have paid their dues & consistent complaining. Yet it’s Emma getting squashed because of her tweets. Go figure.

Say what you will about Eva Marie or Lana, but at least they realized they needed to try to improve and sought out improving. While it’s unknown if Nia has reached out to anyone to improve her in ring work, it doesn’t appear to be the case. But again, if you think who you are why would you seek out help to improve.

Now lets get get to the last two weeks on Raw. Nia has injured Emma’s eye, and Bayley’s shoulder. Injuries happen, but back to back weeks, that’s a problem. For any other superstar, this kind of negligence might be cause for concern, second guessing her push or even a demotion back to NXT.

However, her cousin in THE ROCK! And we all know how I feel about that guy!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Legacy: An Overrated, Self-Serving, Ego-Maniac

It’s time for WWE to make the hard decision here. She doesn’t need to be released, but she needs to go back down to NXT. If she doesn’t show improvement, then she must go! Who cares if Dwayne gets offended. Is Dwayne going to care when someone is seriously hurt? NOPE! Does he care that she may have cost Bayley SummerSlam? NOPE!

Every family member of a legend doesn’t pan out. For every Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Charlotte, Natty, there is a David Flair, a Erik Watts, a Manu and so many others.

It’s getting to a point where it maybe time to realize where Nia will fall.  Realizing she’s just not going to be a success is more important that risking people’s health.

Her look definitely fits a role. However her lack of talent is what prevents it from happening. That’s the harsh reality.

Hopefully WWE realizes it before she ends a career that isn’t hers.


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  1. This seems like a article filled with hate. Imagine the day when a “writer/fan boy/hate-watcher” who has 0 wrestling experience can throw out, on the internet, that a professional wrestler hasnt improved. Sad.

  2. Franklin Thames Sr.

    STFU with this post lol

  3. Franklin Thames Sr.

    So should Seth Rollins go back to NXT cause he injured Stingand Finn Balor?