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WWE: Enzo Amore Deserves to be Released

In his latest, PWP Nation’s “King of Controversy”, CJ Moran, aims to strike some nerves as he give his opinion on Enzo Amore and why he needs and deserves to be released by the WWE

Before I begin, if you are in any way, shape, or form a fan of Enzo Amore, I suggest you exit this article right now, especially if you are easily triggered or easy to upset. I have been mulling whether or not to write this because I know there will be a few people who read the headline and will immediately want to tear my head off.

Someone needs to say what I’m about to say, I don’t really care if I make a few enemies. Now, let’s get right down to business.

Enzo Amore, the man who talks for a living and can’t back it up, deserves to be fired from the WWE.

For the past five years, there has been a pest among the WWE that just won’t go away named Enzo Amore. Now look, Enzo Amore can be a huge asset to the WWE in terms of his promo ability and his connection to the kids. But, let’s forget about his connection to the kids and his merchandise sales and let’s look at the large amount of negatives Enzo brings to the table that makes him deserving of the pink slip like his god awful wrestling ability, his constant trash-talking on social media, and of course, his backstage heat that seems to not be going away any time soon.

Did you know that Enzo Amore had no prior wrestling experience before signing with the WWE back in 2012? I bet it all makes sense now, doesn’t it? Enzo Amore is hands down the worst professional wrestler I have ever witnessed in my life. Now, I know that having a strong wrestling ability doesn’t really matter in today’s WWE (even though it should), but shouldn’t there be a penalty against guys who have trouble simply being thrown over the top rope?

If you recall the tag team match on an episode of RAW earlier this year between Enzo and Big Cass vs Cesaro and Sheamus, then you know exactly what I am talking about when Cesaro threw Enzo over the top rope, well, at least he tried as Enzo failed to get over the rope, making himself, and Cesaro, look like complete jokes.

Hell, Enzo makes professional wrestling look like a complete joke in general. Enzo’s lack of in-ring ability has damaged his credibility as wrestler. But, it just keeps getting worse, or better if you’re me.

Social media is a very important concept in today’s world. Social media can be used to promote yourself or your business and it is a great platform for opinions and entertainment. When it comes to Enzo Amore, social media turns into a low budget roast.

If you have ever browsed Enzo’s Twitter, then you probably found yourself thinking that you were looking at a 5th graders antics. In reality, Enzo Amore is that 5th grader.

The constant trash talking to guys like Conor McGregor (a high profile MMA fighter that takes real hits and can knock out any soul) is the biggest example I can give to define Enzo’s social media shenanigans.

@thenotoriousmma I am gunna have your snot on my @Versace shirt tonight when @floydmayweather smacks the 💩 outta you 🤣🤣 ….. & I HAVE A BETTER SEAT for it than that piece of 💩 SHARK-CAGE I was locked in & escaped from @barclayscenter over the ring at #SummerSlam to watch two 7 footers I HAVE BATTLED… 1 of which your opponent tonight @floydmayweather HAD THE BALLS TO STEP IN THE RING WITH in front of 74,000 + ….. @thenotoriousmma I’m not asking you if you ever been nose to nose, I’m saying YOU HAVE NEVER battled a #REAL heavyweight!???? Cause I can recall a time where former @ufc & current @wwe Heavy Weight Champion #BrockLesnar stood between me and winning the damn royal rumble…. and I ran straight at his ass in front of 52,000 at the alamo dome. Big 💰 fights? The most you have ever fought in front of is 16,000 🤣…. That’s every Monday for #SmackTalkerSkyWalker .. & now every #Tuesday… #205live … twice the exposure, & twice the amount of men getting a @jumpman23 broke off in their @$$!!!! And dog let’s be real… if I had a dime for every round you are gunna win tonight against #PrettyBoyfloyd ….. I would have #ZERODIMES! Luckily I’ll make my money back I spent on my ticket…… betting on @floydmayweather 💰🤣💰🤣💰🤣💰🤣💰

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Much like in the ring, Enzo has no filter when it comes to running his mouth. And, considering another WWE star lost his chance at becoming WWE Champion due to his own social media antics, why is Enzo now the next in line, at least it seems, to challenge Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship?

If you thought Enzo’s social media is as worse as it can get, I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Man…I miss Wade Barrett.

You know the WWE is rough when Enzo receives more chances than Wade. But, anyway. Back on track. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, then you probably don’t know that Enzo Amore has had serious backstage heat for quite a while now. Enzo getting heat? Impossible!. But, I’m afraid (not really) it’s true.

Let me give you the short story as to why Enzo has heat. During a tour, Enzo Amore was kicked off the talent bus by none other than Roman Reigns (we should all love Roman now) after doing what Enzo does best: by not shutting his mouth. After allegedly talking too loud on the phone and bragging about how much money he makes, among other things, the true WWE superstars decided they had enough and kicked Enzo’s 200 pound and 5 foot 11 inch ass off the bus.

Not only that, but according to former WWE star and rival of Enzo, Simon Gotch (Simon Grimm), Enzo was always a nuisance during meetings in NXT and according to Gotch, Enzo had zero desire to learn when he had the chance to and that alone is unacceptable. In my opinion, if you don’t want to learn or be the best at whatever your line of work is, then don’t be there. So, by that logic, Enzo needs to get the hell out.

Enzo Amore is a pathetic excuse for a professional wrestler. Considering his heat, his social media idiocy, and his lack of passion or desire to learn and get better, there is no room for Enzo Amore in the WWE.

But, if he continues to get squashed and thrown around every week, then I’d be perfectly okay with that.

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Caden "CJ" Moran is the youngest member of PWPNation.com and is a featured writer, reporter, and is the host of "Uncensored".
  • Michael Burmy

    I’m sorry, but Simon Gotch saying that is nothing but the pot calling the kettle black…

  • Crissy

    People talk shit about Enzo all the time. If you haven’t seen his athleticism outside of WWE (I have), you should maybe check again before running your mouth. People take the word of that freaking druggy who I won’t name (Might you and anyone talking shit, look back and see “The Un-named one” was suspended for taking Adderal without a prescription! What a great hero for our kids to look up to!) I have had the amazing pleasure of meeting Enzo in real life, and he was kind, outgoing, and charming. Just because Vince McMahon TELLS him not to win the STORYLINED matches, doesn’t mean he can’t wrestle, it means they are telling him not to win the match. Shame jealous assholes gotta take it away from the smaller guys, to push idiots like “The Un-named” who can only get somewhere because of his FAMILY NAME!