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Wrong Turn: 5 Mistakes WWE Has Made at Survivor Series

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PWP Nation’s Tim Bell takes a look at some of the biggest mistakes and missteps in the history of WWE Survivor Series

As we approach this year’s Survivor Series, WWE has a major decision to make on who they’ll be having fill the vacant spot left behind by Seth Rollins after his massive knee injury. I’d argue that the decision is now more important than if Roman Reigns had simply beaten Seth that night, since the Champion will be starting basically with a clean slate heading into the most important months of the WWE calendar.

Taking a look back at previous Survivor Series events, there have been some rather major decisions that I feel were, in retrospect, pretty terrible, and led to some missed opportunities. I’ve pinpointed five choices WWE has made at the Thanksgiving’s week classic that were clear missteps looking back at history, and no, Montreal isn’t one of them.

Here are the ones I identified, ordered by date of occurrence.

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