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From the Vault: RAW #128 – October 2, 1995

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The journey through the vault continues, as PWP’s Randy Reaume covers the October 2nd, 1995 edition of Monday Night RAW. 

This week on RAW, we get two rematches for played out feuds that started two years ago. Great! We start out with a little video package showing the Smoking Gunns winning the titles last week and the entrances for Kid vs. Razor.


We get some replays from the apparently surprisingly good match between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler Lackey #5, and yet more replays of Razor vs. Dean. Man, that ending was stupid, and really did nothing but cement Kid’s idiocy. The match starts with Razor throwing Kid over the top rope to the outside, and Jerry Lawler pretty much spoils the upcoming heel turn by telling us he saw Kid talking with DiBiase backstage. I mean, sure, it’s heel King, so you can’t really take anything he says seriously, but there’s not really a reason for him to lie about this besides to annoy Razor I guess.

Kid hits some kicks and we see Dean Douglas interfere in the curtain jerker for the second week in a row. I’d assume this time it actually leads to something, but that might be giving Vince too much credit. Kid hits “what a maneuver” (an iffy looking dropkick) and misses a running nothing. Razor hits a clothesline and…gets the victory? Uhh…what? Was that supposed to happen? Kid slaps Razor after the bell, gets beat down and…apparently this is a match again? What in the hell is going on here?

Razor locks in an abdominal stretch, smacks Kid around a little bit and gets full-hand slapped right to the chops. Why is this match still happening? I mean, there was a cover…are you allowed to do this now? Apparently, during the commercial break, there was ANOTHER PINFALL. And the match is still going on anyway. I just…I couldn’t even pretend to tell you what the christ is happening here. Are you allowed to do this? If you lose a title match can you just keep fighting endlessly until you win? Razor goes for the Razor’s Edge and decides to do a small package instead, which gets him the three count. Did I just watch that or was that some sort of fever dream? Kid and Razor shake hands, Kid tries for a rollup and…the ref starts to count it?

Okay, guys, it’s not like this is a 24/7 Hardcore Title match. That’s not how it works. Kid opens himself up for a Razor’s Edge, which Razor refuses. We get a handshake because apparently Kid being a bitch warrants Razor’s respect. Haha…oh man. That was something. We get a replay of Barry Horowitz winning at SummerSlam and of last week’s main event. What’s with all the replays tonight?

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