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The Usos Have Made Themselves Great Again

In his latest piece, PWP Nation’s Caden Moran discusses how the simple heel turn of The Usos has made them great again.

“It’s not paranoia. It’s The Usos.”

A heel turn is a wonderful thing especially when it is done to the right person. From the stunning betrayal by Shawn Michaels to Marty Jannetty which shot him to superstar success and a Hall of Famer to the more recent turn of Neville, which made him the top star of the Cruiserweight division after years of mediocrity on the main roster, a heel turn does wonders. Now after a couple years of being a stale and a lack-luster tag team, Jimmy and Jey Uso seem to have turned their careers around, and in a better direction, with the simple heel turn executed a few months back.

The Usos have been one of the top tag teams in WWE for many years now. They are multiple time WWE Tag Team Champions and have been voted tag team of the year on two occasions, however, they have never had the factor that has made us as fans go, “wow”, until now.

Ever since their initial debut, Jimmy and Jey have always lived off of being the sons of WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi. They have long continued the legacy of the Samoan dynasty, and understandably so. However, there comes a time for every star where you have to abandon your family roots and legacy and form your own. And as for Jimmy and Jey, it seems as if they have began the formation of their own legacy.

Instead of continuing the watered down Samoan gag, The Usos have found a more edgy and intriguing route ever since the inevitable heel turn back in the summer of 2016.

I am a huge fan of edgy and realistic characters and that is the impression I get when I see The Usos today. Having ditched the Samoan entrance and attire for a new and awesome theme song and new ring gear that changes every week, The Usos have taken a simple heel turn and have turned it into one of the best things on Smackdown today. Especially in the last two weeks, I don’t think I have ever been so invested in Jimmy and Jey as I am right now.

From the awesome look and clothes to the intriguing promos, The Usos have made me a believer again and I am 100% behind them claiming tag team gold once again.

However, besides the new look and attitude, I think the key factor that has made The Usos bearable again is their tremendous mic work. The biggest example I can give is their promo towards American Alpha this past week on Smackdown. From the rhymes they dropped to the absolute fire in their words to the final line of “It’s not paranoia, it’s The Usos,” Jimmy and Jey have shown a completely different side in terms of promo work that I think we can all get behind. The Usos already have great in-ring talent but have always lacked that one hurdle of the promo, but now, they got it.

The Usos have completely turned their careers around with the simple heel turn and if you are not interested in them now, I guarantee in a few months, we will all look at Jimmy and Jey and tell ourselves, that they are not just another tag team, they’re The Usos.

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    Sorry but no. This heel turn has actually been worse for them. No one buys them as tough guys and they basically became Samoan Cryme Tyme with this “heel turn”. They went from forgettable to mediocre at best. Cool.