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UFC’s Colby Covington Pro Wrestling: ‘This might be an avenue I go down in the future’

UFC welterweight star Colby Covington isn’t looking at his relationship with Global Force Wrestling (GFW) as a deal for just a few appearances. The American Top Team (ATT) standout views the medium as a legitimate source for a second income.

During a guest appearance on the Fight Strength Podcast, Covington was able to elaborate on his recent stint for the Florida based wrestling promotion. “That came about from my manager Dan Lambert, and my teammate Bobby Lashley,” said Covington. Lashley, a multi-time world champion for the promotion formerly known as Total Nonstop Action (TNA) has engaged in an on-going feud that has involved his teammates from the Coconut Creek, Florida MMA gym he trains at. Lashley is also a contracted fighter for Bellator MMA, with a 15-2 career record. He is 5-0 inside the Bellator cage.

When the opportunity arose for Lashley to involve several of his MMA friends–including ATT founder Lambert (an avid wrestling fan)–Covington was an easy sell on being a part of an invasion storyline between GFW and ATT. “I said it’s a great idea,” noted Covington , on the topic of being propositioned for the gig.

However, not only have the appearances been enjoyable for the fighter, but he also sees the introduction to wrestling as a viable option to grow his brand, and provide for his family in-between bouts. “It’s only going to get me more promotion, and get me out there to a larger audience,” said Covington. In MMA, fighters often make a majority of their earnings on fight night. Forcing them to look for income in the months leading up to their next fight. For Covington, GFW is offering the chance to fill that financial void. “You always got to find ways to supplement your income, because you only get paid when you fight,” he said.

The 12-1 fighter is a perfect fit for the world of professional wrestling. He has grown his following of late by talking trash to current and future opponents. One of which, he hopes, is the current UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. He showed some of his promo flair during the appearance when he said, “I don’t like how he [Woodley] wants to be a hypocrite, because when he was an up-and-coming guy, a top-10 guy, he was calling for the champ, and that’s what I’m doing now,” said Covington.

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