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Top 10 Raw After WrestleMania Moments

The Monday Night Raw After WrestleMania has become the most anticipated show of the year. From shocking debuts and returns to turns, title changes and even the following years WrestleMania main event being set, Raw after ‘Mania has become the show everyone watches.

With that said here are JCD’s “Top 10 Night After WrestleMania” moments:

10. DX Reloads 1998

You would think the Raw after WrestleMania 14 would be centered around Stone Cold Steve Austin’s title win. It wasn’t, instead Austin was hauled off to jail, and the rest of the show was built around a “new” DX.

Triple H was out first, cutting a promo against Shawn Michaels, and then reintroduced X-PAC. After an intense X-Pac promo, DX would return during the nights main event, to help the New Age Outlaws (Road Dog & Billy Gunn) defeat Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie.

The show ended with all 5 members of DX standing tall.

9. Hogan Teams with The Rock 2002

After a classic the night before at WrestleMania X8, Hollywood Hulk Hogan would team with The Rock to take on the nWo of Scott Hall and Kevin  Nash. This would cement Hogan’s face run for the spring of 2002.

8. The Shield Turns 2014

Much like Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1998, you would of thought the show would be built around new WWE champion Daniel Bryan. When Daniel Bryan was going to defend the title against Triple H, he was attacked by Kane, Randy Orton and Batista.

As the match was about to begin, The Shield’s music hit and they approached the ring. One intense standoff later and The Shield saved Bryan from The Authority, and stood tall as the show came to a close.

7. Bret Hart Turns on America 1997

Since his return in the fall of 1996, Bret Hart wasn’t looked at the same way he was previously. It was clear that his clean cut do things by the book attitude was not being received the same way by fans. His feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin saw Austin become the choice of the fans and not Hart. After a controversial win over Austin at Wrestlemania, Hart would come out on Raw and decide that he was no longer a hero for America. After a verbal back and forth and attack on Shawn Michaels, Hart was a heel in America and a face everywhere else in the world.

6. Shawn Michaels Retires 2010 

This one speaks for itself, an emotional goodbye from HBK that featured appearances from The Undertaker and Triple H.

5. Dolph Ziggler Cashes in 2013 

One of the most anticipated cash ins ever was Ziggler’s. After Alberto Del Rio’s defense against Jack Swagger, Ziggler would cash in and win the World Championship.

The Izod Center exploded, and definitely ranks as a top 10 Raw moment.

4. Cena & Rock Set The WrestleMania Main Event 2011 

After The Rock cost John Cena the WWE Championship the night before, Cena called out The Rock and the challenge was made and accepted.

For the first time ever, the following WrestleMania’s main event was set. An unexplained appearance by The Corre, may have lessened the moment, but still an amazing moment.

3. Brock Lesnar Returns 2012

As John Cena addressed his loss to The Rock the previous night, Lesnar would show up for the first time in 8 years. One F-5 later to Cena and The Beast was back.

2. The Ultimate Warrior Says Goodbye 2014

No one knew at the time, this was the Warrior saying goodbye to all of us. A heartfelt promo with what turned out to be a worlds worth of foreshadowing.

Less than 24 hours after his appearance on Raw, Warrior would pass away.

Before the number 1 moment, here are some honorable mentions:
HBK turns face 1995
Goldberg debuts 2003
Shane O’Mac runs Raw 2016
Brock Lesnar debuts 2002

1. Ric Flair Retires 2008 

Do I need to say anything more. Next to the Owen Hart tribute show, and Eddie Guerrero tribute show, this might have been one of the emotional segments and episodes of Raw ever. Imagine where it would rank all time if the post show footage of Vince McMahon and The Undertaker appearing aired on Raw.

There you have it. Did I miss anything? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment and let us know.

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