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It’s Time for Dolph Ziggler to Go Away

In his latest, PWP Nation’s Caden Moran gives his strong opinion of Dolph Ziggler and why he believes it is time for Ziggler to leave WWE

Show off? More like I’ll show you the door on your way out.

I have been holding myself back on writing this but after recent events and a specific recent interview, I am not holding back anymore.

For the past few months, I have continued to grow sick and tired of a current WWE superstar. And, much like Enzo Amore, I strongly believe this man needs to leave WWE as it not only saves us as fans time and patience, but it would also help wonders for himself. As the title so boldly suggests, it is time for Shawn Mic– oh, sorry. Wrong person. It is time for Dolph Ziggler to leave the WWE.

After having the best feud of 2016 involving the Intercontinental Championship with The Miz, Dolph Ziggler has collapsed harder than the Atlanta Falcons in this years Super Bowl. Having been delegated to the role of what we like to call an “enhancement talent”, Ziggler’s fall has been one to watch. Dolph Ziggler is one of the best technical wrestlers that the WWE has to offer, but there needs to be more offered than just being able to wrestle. Dolph Ziggler does not offer anything else. Despite having an over-inflated ego, Dolph Ziggler is like a pest in the WWE that just will not go away and once you think he is gone, he just comes right back.

After going on Edge Christian’s podcast a few days ago, Ziggler said that he “hates” his current role in the WWE and that he wants the show to be run around him. Do not get me wrong, I respect Ziggler for having that kind of mentality but it has been made clear that he hates his role with the company judging from how he has dragged down new talent to his pathetic level. Two of the biggest signings in WWE’s history, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode both entered a feud with Dolph Ziggler once they were called up to the main roster and considering the in-ring level of Ziggler, you would think he would bring the best out of the future. Well, as our beloved President would say, we were wrong.

I truly believe that Dolph Ziggler hates his role so much and he has such a massive ego that he is purposely attempting to sabotage the new and called up talent. Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura should have stolen the show at Backlash earlier this year but instead of a good match and a strong showing from the former NXT Champion, we saw a dominant Dolph Ziggler who owned 70% of the match.

Thankfully, he would lose the match and we went on thinking that he would bring the best out of who was next to be called up. That was not the case either as Bobby Roode fell victim to the saboteur known as Dolph. But, hey—at least he managed to work his way into the United States Championship picture.

Dolph Ziggler’s terrible performances with Roode and Nakamura has proven that he does not care about the company or the future, but instead only cares about himself.

Having an ego as big as the glorified Shawn Michaels rip off has will get you nowhere in the business, especially today. However, Dolph Ziggler has been in the WWE for a very long time and I have no doubt that he has made enough money to live comfortably. Considering money is a big pro with WWE, that is why many wrestlers sign there. If Dolph wants to be the top guy of a company and if he doesn’t not care about the money, then I suggest listening to Cody Rhodes and going out and making your own mark.

If Dolph Ziggler were to go out onto the independent scene, he would instantly be made a top guy and would have a huge amount of success. So, I am not saying Dolph Ziggler should leave WWE just because I am sick of seeing him on my screen every week, but it would help him achieve what he so desperately desires.

Until then, I will continue to change the channel every time the former World Champion appears and until he leaves the company, I would suggest to WWE that they keep all NXT call ups away from the “Show-Off”.

About Caden Moran

Caden "CJ" Moran is the youngest member of PWPNation.com and is a featured writer, reporter, and is the host of "Uncensored".
  • BearInterrupted

    Or perhaps … just perhaps – Roode and Nakamura were overhyped and have not adjusted well to WWE main roster style wrestling. Dolph was better on the mic than both of them and Nakamura has yet to have a real standout match post his Ziggler feud. The biggest problem with Dolph is that there is no point getting behind him anymore as you know he will not win. That is a booking issue not him trying to sabotage??

  • Nigga Ranger

    The ones who need to go away are the people who write for wrestling websites that hardly get any viewers & truely believe that they will eventually make money off it. Quite pitiful actually.

    • Caden Moran

      Damn man. You that upset over this? I would say I’m offended but then I saw your name and realized it wasn’t worth it.

      • Nigga Ranger

        I would never be upset at an unqualified writer who types up stories about wrestling, for fun(and for free).

        I hope you are as hard on yourself as you are on the professional wrestlers(who actualy make 6 figure salaries) about needing to “go away.”