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Does WWE NXT Need to Sign More Talent?

“Who would you like to see show up in WWE NXT?” It’s no surprise that this is the question of the ages. WWE NXT is on fire and they are constantly bringing in big indie names from Eric Young to Bobby Roode and recently even Bobby Fish. Rumors have been swirling …

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Why We Need to Cheer the Villain

PWP Nation’s Marc Madison explains why fans should be cheering wrestling’s ultimate villain.  In every story, there is an antagonist and a protagonist. One is typically the reflection of the other in every possible way. What is Batman without the Joker? What is Superman without Lex Luther? These questions, often …

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Adam Cole Fired From Bullet Club; Enter Marty Scurll

As many people have seen from the “Being the Elite: Episode 52” video on YouTube, or any Ring of Honor social media posts, Bullet Club went through some big changes the other night at War of the Worlds. ​ ​While Adam Cole was in the ring following a loss to …

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