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Sasha Banks on Airport Stalker Fans: “Crossing The Line”

This past weekend, Sasha Banks was at the center of a hot topic this weekend after a recent appearance on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Sasha answered a question from Roberts about intrusive fans that approach her at airports & hotels.

In the past, Sasha was criticized by the IWC for her reactions to fans approaching her at airports. Roberts poked a bit of fun at the face she makes when fans stalk her out at airports & hotels. Here is the “face” that Roberts was talking about:

Sasha Banks w/ a random airport stalker. If you approach her this way, you’re going to get this face in the picture!


Sasha explained to Roberts why some “fans” cross the line when approaching her:

“I grew up a wrestling fan, so I knew that I wanted to meet all my favorite wrestlers. But always in the back of my head I never thought in my life to be like, ‘Hey, they’re gonna fly in. Maybe I should wait at the airport for like 12 hours at a gate. Hey! They don’t want any sleep. Maybe I’ll go find their hotel they’re staying at and let me bother them.’

Like to me, that’s stalking…

I don’t tweet out what hotel I’m at. I don’t tweet out what airline I’m flying. I do tweet you what arena I’ll be performing at, so I do expect fans at the arena, and I’m so happy to sign at the arena, that’s fine because I’m telling you where I’m going to be at. If I see you in public, that’s fine.

But when I’m at an airport at 4 in the morning and I see somebody with a carry-on and they open it with a hundred items of everyone and they’re bothering everybody to get an autograph, and I see it on eBay – that’s not okay to me.”

The IWC is chiming in with all kinds of opinions on the matter. Even other professional wrestlers are making comments on this story, including Bully Ray.

Bully Ray is one of the most respected veterans in the business. He makes the point below that Sasha should be a bit more humble.

Here is what he had to say:

Global Force Wrestling star Chris Adonis, formerly known as Chris Masters, also commented on Sasha, with our response to his tweet:

Clearly, my response to Masters tells you what I think.

But what do you think?

Please let us know in the comment section and across all social media platforms!


Listen to the entire episode of The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast w/ Sasha Banks below:

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