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Rumor: Dolph Ziggler Signs New WWE Contract

This week, there have been unconfirmed rumors about former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler signing a new deal with WWE.

According to independent wrestler by the name of Bin “The Hacker” Hamin, who spoke with “The Looker Room” podcast, claims to know the details of Ziggler’s new contract.

Here’s a quote from the podcast:

Here’s the inside scoop that I’ve kinda been told. After Ziggler laid down the title and went away for 30 days, silently came back as #30 in the Rumble, and then tossed out kinda useless. He was already kinda two feet out the door, and it was at the 11th hour that they made him another offer he can’t refuse. Big money, and the fact that, now that he’ll stay, he’s willing to put anybody over, do jobs – whatever, on TV, and he can leave after his matches, he doesn’t need to stick around the arena, and he can take outside projects as long as they don’t conflict with his schedule. Kinda the sweetheart deal, you know, I’m willing to stay a little bit longer because you met my price.”

Please keep in mind that this has not been confirmed by any credible source, so take this with a grain of salt.

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