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Rosemary: The Most Underappreciated Woman in All of Wrestling

In his latest piece, PWP Nation’s CJ Moran gives his opinion on Global Force Wrestling star, Rosemary, and why she is the most underappreciated woman in professional wrestling

When it comes to women’s wrestling, we instantly recognize women such as Charlotte FlairAsukaSasha BanksBayleyTessa Blanchard, and a hell of a lot more.

There is one woman, however, who receives very little recognition for her contributions to women’s wrestling, and wrestling as a whole. Being a master of kayfabe and being one of the most intriguing characters and babyfaces in wrestling today, the former Global Force Wrestling (GFW) Knockouts Champion deserves more than what she gets. This woman’s name? You may know her as Rosemary.

Personally, Rosemary is one of my favorite female professional wrestlers. Her dedication to her character, which is one of the most innovative I’ve ever seen in my time as a wrestling fan, is a sight to see as she stays in character in the ring, during interviews, and on social media.

In a time where kayfabe is slowly dying in professional wrestling, Rosemary is doing an amazing job at trying to keep it alive.

Rosemary is a fascinating character, isn’t she?

When you take one look at “The Demon Assassin”, she immediately strikes fear and sends chills down your spine because she looks, and is, that creepy. It is rare to see a character like Rosemary in today’s professional wrestling world. With a strong resemblance to WWE Superstar Finn Balor, Rosemary has perfected the look and attitude of her character with the insanely cool, and different, face and body paint.

I truly believe Rosemary’s dedication to her character and her role puts her above the rest of the women in not just GFW, but the entire world. As I mentioned before, kayfabe is slowly dying in professional wrestling. Rosemary is helping keep it alive.

In multiple interviews and even on social media, Rosemary is constantly in character and it is extremely rare to see Rosemary out of the paint. My personal favorite Rosemary kayfabe moment is during her interview with “A Music Blog, Yea?” on YouTube.

You can see the full interview below and you can witness firsthand how dedicated Rosemary is to being “The Demon Assassin”

How often do you see a professional wrestler in today’s wrestling world stay in character during an interview? I personally think it is so cool and interesting to see someone this committed when they don’t have to be. It shows Rosemary’s love and passion for the business. Never do we see women such as Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks stay in character during interviews and they are part of the largest wrestling company ever created. But, who do we praise more? Who do we recognize more? I think you already know the answer to that.

Not only is Rosemary underappreciated when it comes to her character and dedication to that character, but when it comes to in-ring performances and match quality, Rosemary gets zero recognition.

For instance, Rosemary vs Jade (Mia Yim) is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated feuds of 2016 and 2017. Especially being a part of a company that has struggled for many years, Rosemary and Jade put on some of the best matches together during their feud. In the span of four months, Rosemary and Jade’s “6 Sides of Steel”, “Monsters Ball”, and their “Last Knockout Standing” matches were some of the very best in GFW/TNA history. But, once again, where is the recognition? In a time where women’s wrestling is at its peak, Rosemary and Jade seem to be left out.

And personally, I think it is pathetic how we praise women’s wrestling but refuse to give Rosemary and Jade any credit.

“The Demon Assassin” is one of the best in the business. Point blank. Her criminally underrated feud with Jade goes to show just how great Rosemary is. Her matches with others such as Gail Kim and Sienna were very good as well. If there is any woman in professional wrestling who has done so much for the “Women’s Revolution” without any recognition, then it is Rosemary.

However, I will admit that Rosemary has been gaining more respect and appreciation from her fellow wrestling peers, but it isn’t for any of the reasons listed above.

Last weekend at Triplemania XXV, Rosemary was legitimately injured after Sexy Star intentionally trapped her in an arm bar and wouldn’t let go. Yeah, I know. What a bitch move. This incident caused a wrestling wide controversy among many pro wrestlers such as Drew McIntyreJoey RyanAllie, and many others. Rosemary’s response to the incident, however, showed her true professionalism and showed why she is highly respected in the industry. I love the fact that she is so highly regarded in the business, but, I hate that it is due to such an awful reason.

At the end of the day, Rosemary is one of the best female wrestlers in the world and she deserves all recognition she has worked her entire career for. Rosemary is special.

So, how about we all finally start to recognize true women’s wrestling?

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  • Guest677

    Couldn’t agree more. Rosemary is one of the best female wrestlers today and deserves to be recognized for it.

    • CJ Moran

      I’m glad you agree! Make sure to check out other awesome content from PWPNation.com