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Report: Impact Wrestling Pursuing Rey Mysterio Once Again

It looks like Impact Wrestling is looking to boost their roster.

On the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that talks between Impact Wrestling and Rey Mysterio have once again resumed. Meltzer claims that Mysterio and Impact Wrestling are currently working on a deal and are trying to get Mysterio on TV as soon as possible.

Meltzer claims that it’s unlikely that Mysterio will be seen at the most recent tapings, but Impact Wrestling is once again actively pursuing Mysterio. These talks have resumed after dying down in 2017, as the company, which was being run by Dixie Carter at the time, was trying to attract bigger names. The two sides could not work out a deal and Mysterio continued as a free agent.

There is nothing set in stone and it’s possible talks between the two sides could fall through once again.

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