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Report: Global Force Wrestling No Longer Pursuing Rey Mysterio

Earlier this year, we reported that former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio was being pursued by both Global Force Wrestling and WWE.

In an update by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Mysterio’s talks with Global Force Wrestling are now “dead.” As many already know, Anthem Entertainment is reportedly seeking a way out of their partnership with GFW, which has definitely contributed to the talks between Mysterio and GFW ending. It can also be speculated that due to financial difficulties, it’s possible that the two sides couldn’t come to terms on payment.

As for Mysterio’s talks with WWE, there has been no update on that matter, but with negotiations falling through between GFW and Mysterio, it could be assumed that WWE’s chances of landing the wrestling legend have gone up.

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  1. Saw an article on GFW bleeding money and possibly being sold at http://thetopturnbuckle.com/2017/09/09/global-force-wrestling-jeff-jarrett-status/ I can’t imagine any performer wanting to go there right now. They aren’t even guaranteed a paycheck. Rough times.