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Ready, Willing & Gable: Chad Gable is Destined for Success Outside of American Alpha

After a brief absence, PWP Nation’s “King of Controversy”, CJ Moran, returns to give his thoughts on Chad Gable and how he is destined to be the breakout star of American Alpha

When the tag team known as American Alpha made their mark in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, it seemed as if WWE had found the next combination of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. After becoming one of the most popular tag teams in the world, the team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were destined for unlimited success in professional wrestling. With both men possessing unreal technical wrestling skills, American Alpha was a breath of fresh air and the sky was the limit for the duo.

Once Gable and Jordan made their way onto WWE’s main roster for Smackdown Live, the team lost its magic.

With very little TV time and one mediocre reign as Smackdown Tag Team Champions, American Alpha evaporated from the WWE scene before being split up after Jason Jordan was moved to RAW as the RAW General Manager, Kurt Angle‘s, son.

You would think Jordan being paired as the legends son would make him the breakout star of the former duo. However, with his recent string of performances on the blue brand, the other member of American Alpha is the clear as day favorite to be the breakout of star of AA. Chad Gable, the floor is yours.

I think it is safe to say that the Jason Jordan experiment is failing.

But, the Chad Gable experiment is just beginning.

Chad Gable has already proven his worth in his short singles career on the main roster. Putting on insanely impressive matches with Kevin OwensAJ Styles, and Rusev, Gable has already proven to the WWE Universe and the “higher ups” in the back that he has all the tools to be a marquee player for the largest wrestling company in the world.

With Gable’s undeniable wrestling ability to the charisma that has yet to be fully shown, the former Olympian will be a huge player in the WWE, now more than ever.

When American Alpha was still alive and well, the duo drew many comparisons to the Worlds Greatest Tag Team in Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, as mentioned at the top of this article.

Well, those comparisons are about to become reality as Chad Gable now has a new tag team partner, as revealed on this past Smackdown Live, in the name of Shelton Benjamin.

Being paired with a technical wrestling genius like Shelton Benjamin is the greatest thing that could have happened for Chad Gable.

Shelton Benjamin is a highly credible and popular wrestler that many fans, even to this day, claim that Benjamin was criminally underrated and underutilized during his last run with the WWE, and I personally agree.

But, now that the “Gold Standard” is back, it is the perfect opportunity for Benjamin to finally hit the biggest stride of his career and it is the perfect opportunity for Gable to learn from the veteran and to take his skills to that next level, which he will.

A just 31 years old, Chad Gable’s potential is limitless. And, by now being paired with a man who shares similar traits and characteristics as Gable will make this new tag team one of the most entertaining in the entire world. Now, does Gable have some things to improve on? Absolutely.

But, unlike his former compatriot, Jason Jordan, the fans are beginning to find a reason to care and to invest in Chad Gable.

I can personally say, when I see Chad Gable in the WWE ring, I feel mesmerized as he brings the old school and amateur style of wrestling and turns it into gold and phenomenal matches.

The sky is the limit for Chad Gable and I am really excited to see where the team of Gable and Benjamin goes. Jason Jordan may be living life as a WWE icon’s son, but Chad Gable will be the one of American Alpha to take the spotlight and make it count.

And, as a fan, I am more ready, willing, and Gable than ever before.

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