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WWE Monday Night Raw Top Five – 1/16/17

PWP Nation Editor, Zack Heydorn, analyzes five topics from this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

5. Enzo and Cass are back and ready for WrestleMania

The tag team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass have been criminally underutilized since their call up to the main roster close to a year ago. They are arguably the most over babyface act that the WWE has on either main roster. They also don’t have much to show for it. With injuries over and their feud with Rusev wrapped as of tonight, its time for bigger and better things. Those “things” need to be a tag team championship win at WrestleMania 33.

4. Stop kicking out of the Stunner!

Jumping, springboard, or otherwise, kicking out of any kind of Stunner needs to stop. Cena was bad, but now the Cruiserweights are doing it? Have you no shame WWE? The Stunner is a sacred move. Keep it that way.

3. Dissecting the finish to the Tag Team Championship match

Sheamus and Cesaro are confusing enough as tag team champions. Are they heels? Are they babyface? Their team is made up of each so I guess you can say they are both? Right. Confusing. Tonight though, it was certain that they were the babyfaces as they were going up against The Club. It should have been an easy story to tell regardless of who was going over. Not so fast. By the end of the match, the babyface team got disqualified due to hitting the referee which negated a clean victory by the heels. Say what? That’s as backwards as backwards gets folks. Babyfaces need sympathy from the crowd. Heels are the conduit to that. In this match, all the sympathy was received by the heel team in Anderson and Gallows. I’m not a hater when it comes to shenanigan finishes on free TV. That disaster though was a full education in completely nonsensical booking 101.

2. Charlotte’s brilliant in-ring promo sets Bayley up for life

Charlotte is clicking on all cylindars right now. That’s no secret. Her heel “genetically superior” persona fits her perfectly and is being used in a pristine fashion in her feud with Bayley. On the mic tonight for her in-ring promo, Charlotte pulled at the audience’s heartstrings and tapped into why we all do love Bayley and why we should if we don’t. In one promo, Charlotte was able to connect Bayley to everyone in the WWE Universe. In two weeks at the Royal Rumble, we could see Bayley win her first WWE Raw Women’s Championship. It will be this Charlotte promo though that we look back on as having created Bayley’s main roster momentum.

1. Seth Rollins needs the Royal Rumble to come and go

One man needs the road to WrestleMania to start more than anyone. That man is Seth Rollins. At that point the long awaited HHH program can begin and he can start to be featured as one of WWE’s brightest stars instead of an afterthought. Its obvious at this point that the HHH feud started way too early as it came out of nowhere and hasn’t been built properly given the length it would need to breathe. Because of that, Rollins is floundering and can’t get back on track until HHH comes knocking at his door. Two weeks, Seth. Two weeks …

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