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PWP Nation Awards for WWE Night of Champions: Who Walked Away with Gold?

Hollywood can have the Emmys… WWE has the PWP Nation Awards!
Sherron Watson dishes out even more gold to the best performers of WWE Night of Champions. 

I was proud of what I saw from WWE at Night Of Champions. Outside of one segment, which I’ll get into in a second I feel they delivered by putting together a great card while entertaining  us along the way. Of course any ppv involving the biggest wrestling promotion in the world is going to have millions of fans disagree with their decision’s.

At the end of the day, I feel like we are on the verge of seeing the next great generation of superstars take this company to heights we can be proud of. Since the Emmy’s were last night, I decided to have a little fun by handing out my own awards……

Feel Good Moment Of The Night Award: Charlotte Flair winning the Divas Championship

WWE NOC Charlotte

I have a little girl of my own, so seeing the legendary Icon Ric Flair celebrate ringside with his daughter on the biggest moment of her career was awesome. The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history Nikki Bella deserves ton’s of credit on how she performed during her last night as champion. From playing to the crowd, to working on Charlotte Flair‘s injured knee in and out of the ring was in my opinion her best work to date. With that being said, now that theirs a new champ in the divas division splitting the women up should be the way to go. Sasha Banks and Paige have developed a pretty intense rivalry as of late, adding Nikki or even Becky Lynch to challenge Charlotte will add more interest to the re-surging Divas Revolution.

Best Performance Of The Night Award: Seth Rollins Pulling Double Duty

WWE NOC Seth Rollins

From becoming WWE WHC at WrestleMania, to PWI’s number one wrestler in 2015 Seth Rollins has become the company’s top man. Performing two different styles against Sting and John Cena in the same night proves WWE believes in him. While it remains to be seen if the WHC will be the one chosen to carry the torch after Cena, It’s obvious we are seeing seeds planted of a Rollins babyface turn. We all know Triple H vs. Rollins is happening somewhere down the road (Most likely at Mania), but seeing Sheamus face off against the champ will be entertaining as well. Since leaving The Shield a year ago, Rollins has reached new heights in WWE and with performances like SummerSlam and last night at Night Of Champions the best is clearly yet to come for “The Architect.”

OMG Moment Of The Night Award: Chris Jericho as The Mystery Member

Chris Jericho

Braun Strowman has been a thorn in the sides of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose for weeks now. So the idea of those two needing help to take down Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and “The Black Sheep” would cause for some serious reinforcements. Even Y2J couldn’t withstand the power from the Apocalypse of The Wyatt Family. Moving forward, the biggest question I have is when will we see Chris Jericho again? And if so, does he feud with Reigns or Ambrose? Jericho pushing through both men could be the signs of an upcoming heel turn for the former WWE champion.

Breakout Performer Of The Night Award: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens

In less than a year, The newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens has won the NXT championship, pinned John Cena clean, and won his first championship on the main roster. Not a bad 2015 for one of the most talented up-and-comers in WWE. Injuries slowed down Ryback’s first IC title reign, so I don’t want to say he was a horrible champion. I just believe it is better storyline purposes for the babyface to be the title chaser. The master of feed me more will most likely get his rematch, so if Owens retains his prize who will be in line for a chance at dethroning the new Intercontinental Champion?

My Final Thoughts: WWE delivered at the 9th annual Night Of Champions. Next month’s PPV is already shaping up to be a good outing as well. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker inside hell in a cell. The Demon will most likely go after Rollins’ WHC. Who will Cena and Owens defend their newly won championships against? As a fan/writer I’m really looking forward to seeing what goes down in the weeks leading up to Hell In A Cell.

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