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Noam Dar missed WWE Phone Call Due to Playing FIFA

The Scottish supernova, Noam Dar recently debuted in WWE about a month ago in Glasgow, Scotland. But that nearly didn’t happen as he told British newspaper The Daily Record that while at a friends house playing the new Soccer/Football game FIFA 17, he missed a very important phone call from none other than the Brawler from London, William Regal.

Noam had this to say on the situation :

I was at a friends house playing FIFA, I missed a phone call and it was the area code for Stamford, Connecticut.

Dar continued to say “It was Mr Regal who’d called me. My mates were giving me a hard time to go back and play FIFA and I was telling them I couldn’t because WWE had just called. I was losing the game so they thought it was a likely excuse!

At first, Noam Dar thought it was probably going to be an impression of William Regal if he didn’t catch the area code of the missed call.

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