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Could The Miz Miss WrestleMania?

After what has been the best year of his career, there is actually a chance that The Miz could miss WrestleMania this year.

Now none of this is confirmed, but based off of the basic facts of the story the possibility does exist.

The Miz’s wife Maryse is pregnant with the couple’s first child. While that was common knowledge, what may not be common knowledge is her due date, which happens to be April 6th. That is the Friday of WrestleMania weekend. If she went to full term, it could make for quite the interesting scenario.

For those wondering if they they can fly her to New Orleans and give birth there, that option is off the table due to her being so far along in the pregnancy. The counter to that is, they could tour bus her out there.

Also to be fair, there are a multitude of reasons that she could give birth early.

As a father of two, I can say from experience that both of my kids were born between a week to ten days early and not due to dangerous circumstances.

I’m sure The Miz will be at WrestleMania, but I just felt it responsible to report on the possibility that he could not be.

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