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Major Backstage News on Neville’s Future

With his release at one point seeming like just a formaility, things between Neville and WWE have taken a turn……….for the better!!!

According to a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Neville’s return could happen by the end of the month. It is even speculated he could return this week, but one would imagine his return will be held off until after this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

One has to wonder what or who (HHH?) is the reason for this, but it is definitly great news for WWE.

There is no word on if he would return to 205 Live, Raw, or Smackdown Live.

Stay with PWPNation for more as it develops.

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  • Crazy Bill

    I hope he goes to Smackdown. I could easily see HHH treating it like Mauro. “Forget RAW and 205 Live, come to Smackdown and work with me, don’t worry about having to deal with Vince. “