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Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan: What’s Next?

We all know by now that after months of questions Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle‘s son was revealed as the big “secret.” But questions remain.

Who is the birth mother?
Probably not a big part of the story. If she was not mentioned again, it would not be a big loss to the story.

How do Triple H and Stephanie fit in to all of this?
The hot “rumor” was this would all lead to a HHH/Angle match possibly at SummerSlam. It will be interesting to see what way, if any, commissioner Stephanie McMahon reacts to this news.

Is this all a ruse?
Is Angle being set up and played for a fool? If so, that’s definitely how the first two questions could come into play. Is Angle/Jordan at Wrestlemania 34 an option? We shall see.

Was Corey Graves just being a good friend?
On Monday after the reveal, Graves states he knew, but out of respect of his friendship to Jordan he never said anything on air. Is this legit, or is Graves involved a lot deeper then is being shown at this moment?

Who are the adoptive parents?
This could be a major piece to this story. Could this be where Dixie Carter pops up? Story is easy to tell given Kurt’s recent openness about his drug and alcohol past. Dixie could say she steered Jordan toward WWE to protect him from Kurt and his issues.

If anyone thought Monday’s reveal was the end, YOU couldn’t be more wrong. Monday was just the first layer of many in this story. There are reports that Jordan will receive a strong mid card push, and given everything that’s just about where he should be right now. It is going to be a long road, so instead of looking for immediate answers and a payoff, sit back, relax and let it play out.

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