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John Cena Discusses Roman Reigns, Bullying & More!

WWE Superstar and “Free Agent,” John Cena conducted an interview with Bleacher Report. John Cena goes in detail to discuss a variety of subjects. Cena gives his take on fellow WWE Superstar Roman Reigns:

“I haven’t [helped Roman], and that’s not because I don’t want to. And I think that’s a testament to Roman Reigns’ ability to handle the audience. You need pretty broad shoulders. That he hasn’t had to come to anyone else for advice shows exactly how strong he is.”

A program between John Cena and Roman Reigns will occur sooner than later. A feud between two of WWE’s most polarizing figures in Sports Entertainment will provide for a interesting story. One that will be engaging to the fans and to those who feel Cena and Reigns are entitled to what they have achieved in the WWE. 

Cena went on to discuss his take on bullying:

“It’s something I deal with every day. The WWE has a massive outreach on social media, and our fanbase is very vocal. So many young people watch the WWE, and I can turn around and say: “This also happens to me. Daily.” I’ve been regarded as a very “controversial” figure, but in a setting like this, where I talk to young people, it helps.”

I agree. John Cena deals with bullying throughout social media and all over the place on a daily basis. John can deal with these issues, as both a grown adult and a celebrity figure. Children on the other hand, different story. I’m pleased to see WWE and John Cena working to stop bullying. No child deserves to be bullied. No excuses. 

As a WWE veteran, John Cena discussed the challenges and adversities a young WWE Superstar would need in order to make a break into the business:

“Well, younger—I mean, he’s just a few weeks from me—but I can remember when AJ Styles came in, and he was just familiar with presenting himself a different way. And we sat down and had many a lengthy conversation about the differences and similarities between other spots and here. And from that, I think he took a lot of material away to present himself better.”

Do you agree that AJ Styles has gotten better (or worse?) through working with John Cena, both personally and professionally? I feel as though AJ has benefitted from working with Cena over the past year. AJ Styles is arguably the best wrestler in the world today. The rivalry between John Cena and AJ Styles in 2016 was huge in pushing AJ’s character. I firmly believe that anyone, past or present, that works with Cena will come out better for it. However, it is up to said Superstar (looking at you, Baron Corbin) to make it or break it in this industry. Some take advantage and capitalize. Others will fall through the cracks and slip away into obscurity. 

John Cena turning heel is every internet fan’s wet dream. Having said that, Bleacher Report brought up the subject of John Cena turning heel. This was a topic brought up through comments made by Jim Cornette on his opinion of John Cena as a “Ric Flair-type” villain:

“No. And I think that any sort of hindsight, especially in this industry, is a waste of time, and time is extremely valuable. I don’t control that. People ask me to do something, and it is our job, as entertainers, to do the best that we can to accomplish that goal. What I get upset about in this business is that so many people talk about the “what if,” instead of the “what is.” The “what is” is more important. If someone were to go back 15 years and say, “You should have done this,” it’s too late. I was told to do “X,” and I was trying to do “X” the best way that I could.”

John Cena turning heel in 2017 would make for interesting television. Is the heel turn needed? No! I believe the time has come and gone for any realistic opportunity for Cena to become a heel. He has solidified himself as the premiere babyface for WWE, inside and outside of the ring. Roman Reigns turning heel would make sense versus a John Cena heel turn. Do you agree with Cena’s comments? 

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