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The Granddaddy of Them All: Ranking Every WrestleMania Match Ever

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It’s a debate that every WWE fan has had with friends or people online at some point: which WrestleMania match is the greatest of all time?

And once you get into that conversation, it inevitably expands to your personal top-five, top-ten, and with so many possibilities, everyone seems to have a different opinion on which WrestleMania match is the greatest.

However, as we’ve made our way towards WrestleMania 32 this Sunday, and I’ve found myself watching past ‘Mania events. I’ve not only found myself watching the popular choices for greatest of all time, but also noticing quite a few great contests from past WrestleMania events that seem to be a bit forgotten. That’s led me to create this countdown – ranking all 301 matches which have taken place on WrestleMania, 1 through 31.

A couple notes on the list:

  • No matches from kickoff shows are included.
  • The list is broken down into ten pieces, 30 matches in each piece, leading up to one.
  • Matches are ranked not only on in-ring quality, but entertainment value, as well as historical impact. There’s no exact formula for this, it’s simply my list. I’ll explain a bit of my thinking on each grouping, but I’m always available to discuss/banter on this list either in the comments section below, or on social media.

Without further ado…

*NOTE* WrestleMania 32 is NOT included.
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About Tim Bell

Been a wrestling fan for almost 30 years.

I’ve seen Hulkamania, The New Generation, The NWO, the Attitude Era, and the PG Era, and I’ve enjoyed all of it in different ways. I still remember standing on the guardrail at ten years old and having it fall over in front of Razor Ramon.

I was there live when The Undertaker abducted Stephanie McMahon, and I was there when The Rock surprised the entire TD Garden at a house show. Recently been getting into a lot of independent wrestling, especially in the Northeast.

I follow WWE, NXT, TNA, ROH and NJPW, among others, but mainly only watch WWE/NXT religiously. I’ll probably be more positive about WWE than you, and I’m OK with that.

  • Creature_of_the_Night

    Greatest Mania matches ever:

    3. Edge vs Foley WM22

    2. Taker vs HBK WM25

    1. (and this will always be the case, can never be topped – Steamboat vs Savage WM3 – also the greatest Mania ever)