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Cody Rhodes Gives Update on Location & Date for 10K Seat Show

Last week, current ROH World Champion, Cody Rhodes announced that he and The Young Bucks would be self financing a show that would seat 10,000 fans. Cody recently spoke with Tim Fiorvanti of ESPN.com to give an update as to when and where the show will take place.

Cody stated that they will have “a date and place within two weeks”.

“We’ll have a date and a place within two weeks.

” “That’s why I went ahead and commented on the original story, because it’s far enough along in the process that people need to know it’s happening. I was confident enough to say let’s do it. Matt and Nick were confident enough to say let’s do it, but this is something that hasn’t been done. A lot of things have to happen. I think I’m most excited about the creation process. Putting this together with those two guys myself. Some of the stuff that we’ve already got on board — not talent-based, but as far as people who are involved with this and people who have put some confidence in us, it’s just crazy.”

It is a very ambitious move on the former WWE stars part but we here at PWPNation.com are fully behind Cody and The Young Bucks.

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