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The Top Ten SHIMMER Wrestlers of All Time

PWPNation.com‘s Women Wrestling Specialist, Matthew Hollie, takes on an article listing The Top 10 SHIMMER Wrestlers of all time heading into their 10th anniversary This weekend, SHIMMER will officially celebrate their 10th anniversary of the promotion. The names and faces that came in the promotion are endless since they opened their doors …

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Independent Wrestling Schedule – October 10th-18th

Credit for the following Independent Wrestling schedule is given to Nate Stein, who sends this list out through his email address (nate_stein@hotmail.com) and on Twitter @PSPhenom. Here’s a lineup of Indie events coming up from October 10th, through the 18th: Sat, Oct 10 – NWA Midwest – USW Hall, 675 …

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Could TNA’s Death Complete the Resurgence of Independent Wrestling?

PWP Nation’s Jordi Davies talks about how the death of TNA Wrestling will impact the independent scene and everyone involved.  If the current resurgence in professional wrestling were an argument between two kids, this would be the excuse. The Kids most likely being Lucha Underground and NXT, and the parent …

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STARDOM USA: Cheerleader Melissa and Madusa Are Now in Charge

PWP’s Matthew Hollie dives into the world of Women’s Pro Wrestling on the Independent Wrestling Scene in this look at STARDOM USA. With STARDOM’s 5 Star Grand Prix coming to an end on Wednesday, two prominent figures for STARDOM USA will be in attendance and will make their presence felt …

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