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“Hart Murmurs” Edition #73 – The Russian Nightmare

Greetings. I had as my guest this past week on my Hart Beat Radio podcast, legendary former NWA star from the 80’s, the Russian Nightmare, Nikita Koloff.  Nikita, (real name Scott Simpson), originally began his career back in the 80’s in his native Minnesota, after having been trained by my …

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Elias: Drifting Down a Different Path

NXT has a history of sending their former champions to the main roster after losing their belt. Balor, Banks, Nakamura, Charlotte, Samoa Joe etc… But what about guys who did next to nothing? What about a guy who just drifted through his time in NXT? Elias Samson, or as Vince …

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The Miztourage Needs Serious Muscle: Enter Big Cass

In the past couple of months, The Miztourage has bubbled up into a viable stable on Monday Night Raw. They’ve somewhat successfully targeted the likes of Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins before moving onto an epic ass kicking by Brock Lesnar last week on Raw. With the leadership of The Miz, and his gorgeous wife Maryse by …

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John Cena is Officially a Part-Timer… and That’s OK!

In his latest piece, PWP Nation’s Eron Ramadanov explains why John Cena being a part-timer is completely deserved and is perfectly fine.  Yes, folks… it’s true. John Cena is a part-time performer and it became official this past week on SmackDown LIVE. In a number one contender’s match for a …

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“Hart Murmurs” Edition #72 – Hall of Fame

Greetings. This past week I had as guests on my weekly Hart Beat Radio podcast Kyle Klingman, the director of the prestigious Lou Thesz/George Tragos/United States Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa and Brian Blair, the president of the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC). The Thesz/Tragos Hall of Fame is …

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