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Backstage News on ‘Emmalina’ Character; What Happened?

Emma became Emmalina to turn back into Emma? Wait, what?

According to ProWrestlingSheet.com, WWE has reportedly pulled the plug on the “Emmalina” character for WWE Superstar Emma. The report states that WWE producers were not happy with Emma during the rehearsals of this character and felt like, “she couldn’t pull it off.”

The report also states that WWE officials had a specific vision for this character, as a PG version/throwback to Sable or The Kat.

Creative got this idea from Emma’s Instagram photos, which are quite revealing and felt like she could benefit from using that as a possible character change. In a matter of fact, WWE producers and officials still really like the idea, but don’t feel like Emma is the right fit for the character. It’s being said that WWE is going to “hold onto” this gimmick for a superstar in the future that fits what they want.

As for Emma, it’s being reported that she will return to her character before sustaining her injury.

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