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I started watching wrestling in 2005, mesmerised by a certain slow walking phenom. 10 years later and still going strong: Not only as a fan among a very eclectic community but also as a senior writer for this very website. Combining knowledge, opinion, a disdain for the typical wrestling fan on the internet and a sarcastic wit, if you agree with me than hooray and whoopee. If you don't...then don't be a little drama queen about it because god forbid people think differently.

WWE Hall of Fame Legacy: Big Boss Man

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows examines the legacy of the Big Boss Man.  In a case of life influencing fiction, Ray Traylor Jr. was a Prison Guard in Cobb County Georgia before he trained under Ted Allen and began his wrestling career in 1985 with Jim Crockett Promotions. He would catch …

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The Complete Series on the Grandest Stage: WrestleMania 12

The Complete Series of the Grandest Stage continues, as PWP’s Zak Fellows covers WrestleMania 12. In 1996 as the then WWF was going to war with WCW in Monday Night Programming it seemed the two top men in the WWF were Bret “The Hitman” Hart and “The Heart Break Kid” …

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WWE Hall of Fame Legacy: The Fabulous Freebirds

Forming in 1979 when famed wrestling promoter “Cowboy” Bill Watts put the three together Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Buddy “Jack Roberts” and Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy were something of a never before seen circumstance: In a time before the insurgence of the six man tag as an almost regular occurrence they …

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Predictability: A Problem or a Cry for Something Else?

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows talks about the current predictable booking style of WWE leading into WrestleMania 32. In the aftermath of WWE Fastlane, the match we all expected has been made: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H will be defending his title reign against the victor of the #1 Contender …

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Braun Strowman: Maybe, But Not Yet

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows explains why Braun Strowman might be a big deal soon, but not so fast.  As many of you are no doubt aware, and if not you may read so here, when Braun Strowman originally started out on the main WWE roster I had him pegged as …

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TNA Impact Wrestling: The Never Ending Struggle for Fan Investment

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows outlines the seemingly never ending struggle of fan investment for TNA Impact Wrestling You know my current standings with TNA as a fan sheds light on some of the complaints that I have seen individuals give WWE, ROH, New Japan etc and has transitioned into a …

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The Undertaker: From Silly Cartoon to Wrestling’s Greatest Character

“We here at PWP Nation would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Nick Bockwinkel. He will be forever remembered for his contributions to an industry we love and respect.” At times we, as wrestling fans, like to reminisce on what caused us to …

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Satan’s Playground: The Hell In A Cell Match of Today Needs to be Refocused

PWP’s Zak Fellows thinks that the focus of the Hell In A Cell match needs to be refocused.  Do not let the negative sound of the title of this article mistake you into believing otherwise,but to this day I maintain a general interest in the Hell in a Cell concept. …

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