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I started watching wrestling in 2005, mesmerised by a certain slow walking phenom. 10 years later and still going strong: Not only as a fan among a very eclectic community but also as a senior writer for this very website. Combining knowledge, opinion, a disdain for the typical wrestling fan on the internet and a sarcastic wit, if you agree with me than hooray and whoopee. If you don't...then don't be a little drama queen about it because god forbid people think differently.

The Final Deletion: Embracing The Appeal

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows talks about the thing that is the buzz of professional wrestling right now, TNA’s The Final Deletion. Since TNA’s move to POP, and my subsequent article about the promotion’s inability to maintain investment which you may view here, I have heard through my more trusting colleagues that …

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The Complete Series on the Grandest Stage: WrestleMania 25

PWP’s Zak Fellows covers the silver anniversary of the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 25. WrestleMania 25, promoted as the 25th Anniversary in order to mark a quarter of a century worth of WrestleMania events, took place on April 5th 2009 from the Reliant Stadium of Houston Texas. It …

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The Complete Series on the Grandest Stage: WrestleMania 22

PWP’s Zak Fellows is back and he’s covering WrestleMania 22… this review should be “BIG TIME!” Little history lesson on yours truly: I remember very fondly when and how I became a wrestling fan. It was in the summer of 2005 and who would have thought that the mere act …

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WWE Hall of Fame Legacy: Stan “The Lariat” Hansen

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows examines the legacy of Stan Hansen.  Coming off of a college football stint with the West Texas State Buffaloes, Stan Hansen would begin his wrestling career in 1973 trained by the legendary Funk Family. By 1975, and after unsuccessful try-outs for the soon defunct Detroit Wheels, …

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WWE Hall of Fame Legacy: Jacqueline Moore

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows continues his rundown of this year’s WWE Hall of Fame inductees, examining if they deserve their spot among greatness.  As the only woman to graduate from Devastation Inc. manager Skandor Akbar’s school, Jacqueline Moore began her wrestling career in 1988 wrestling for World Class Championship Wrestling, …

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