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I started watching wrestling in 2005, mesmerised by a certain slow walking phenom. 10 years later and still going strong: Not only as a fan among a very eclectic community but also as a senior writer for this very website. Combining knowledge, opinion, a disdain for the typical wrestling fan on the internet and a sarcastic wit, if you agree with me than hooray and whoopee. If you don't...then don't be a little drama queen about it because god forbid people think differently.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express: What’s Their Hall of Fame Legacy?

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows examines the careers of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton to see if their career stake up as “Hall of Fame” worthy.  Both members of the legendary team walked different paths before being unified: Ricky Morton would be trained by his father and Ken Lucas to become …

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Well-Deserved: The Hall of Fame Career of Kurt Angle

After a brief hiatus, PWP Nation Featured Columnist Zak Fellows examines the “hall of fame” career of the returning Kurt Angle.  An accomplished amateur wrestler from youth with several accolades in the National Collegiate Athletics Association, Kurt Angle would parlay this success and natural ability to the 1996 Summer Olympic …

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The Importance of Timing: AJ Styles Needs to Win at WWE Backlash

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows expresses the importance of timing and explains why AJ Styles needs to win the WWE World Championship at Backlash.  As SummerSlam has passed us and we are now proceeding full speed ahead with the newly reintegrated brand exclusive pay-per-views, the main event of SmackDown’s inaugural exclusive …

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Bobby Roode: NXT’s New GLORIOUS Main Antagonist

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows explains why the “GLORIOUS” Bobby Roode will emerge as NXT’s main antagonist. I have enjoyed Bobby Roode’s work ever since I started watching TNA in 2006 and when he began being managed by Traci Brooks. As the abusive, berating boss to beloved characters, he made it …

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Rusev & Lana: The Potential for a Heroic Turn

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows talks about a possible turn that could surprise everyone. Approaching the biggest party of the summer, one of the more surprisingly anticipated match ups comprise the current United States Champion Rusev defending his title against the eternal spark for discussion, Roman Reigns with many expecting Reigns …

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The “True” Wrestling Fans: Cause for Divide in the Pursuit of Validation

PWP Nation’s Zak Fellows bravely takes a hard look at the divide between the two types of wrestling fans: the diehard vs. the casual.  Naturally, it is in our human nature to have differing mind sets and mentalities based on the thoughts and opinions that make us unique and a …

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