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Chicago’s own, Zack Heydorn, has been an avid and passionate wrestling fan for the better part of the last 20 years. He is an editor and featured writer for PWP Nation as well as the host of PWP Nation Network podcast, The Bottom Line. With his main interests lying with the WWE, he also dabbles and keeps the pulse on NXT, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground, ROH, and other various independent promotions. There needs to be more positive opinions in the internet wrestling world and he hopes to help that cause because it’s not all as bad as we can sometimes make it out to be. You can expect, honesty, unbiased opinions, creativity, and pure entertainment from his articles and shows. Debates and discussion are always encouraged! Follow him on Twitter @zheydorn.

5 Things We Learned From Raw 5/22/17

PWP Nation editor, Zack Heydorn, discusses five things we learned from the 5/22/17 edition of Monday Night Raw. 5. The voice of Elias Samson is going to get him over, big time. Everyone heard those boos right? When Elias Samson started singing in the middle of the ring before his …

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Cruiserweights Be Damned – Neville vs. Aries Is The Best Story In WWE Today

PWP Nation editor, Zack Heydorn, details why Neville vs. Austin Aries for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship is the premiere story going today in the WWE. Ignore the pigs flying above your head and prepare yourself for an impassioned, positive plea about the WWE Cruiserweights. Ready? The Neville vs. Austin Aries …

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The Bottom Line 5-3-17 Payback Analysis and World Champions Galore

In the newest episode of The Bottom Line, Zack Heydorn (@zheydorn) breaks down the WWE Payback PPV and dissects the World Championship pictures for both Raw and SmackDown Live! Tune in, debate, and enjoy! Listen to “The Bottom Line 5-3-17 Payback Analysis And World Champions Galore!” on Spreaker.

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PODCAST: The Bottom Line 4-19-17 The New Raw and SmackDown Live Landscape

In this week’s edition of The Bottom Line, PWP Nation editor Zack Heydorn, breaks down the new landscapes of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Breakdowns include analysis and predictions for the men’s, women’s, and tag team divisions on both shows. Enjoy! Listen to “The Bottom Line 4-19-17 The New …

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