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Hideo Itami: 205 LIVE is His Best Opportunity to Succeed; Not His Last

PWP Nation’s Marc Madison puts pen to paper in a rebuttal piece, on Caden Moran’s article, in which he states that this isn’t Itami’s last chance in WWE, but his best.  One of our fellow writers here at PWPNation.com Caden Moran shared his very well thought out belief that Hideo …

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Why We Need to Cheer the Villain

PWP Nation’s Marc Madison explains why fans should be cheering wrestling’s ultimate villain.  In every story, there is an antagonist and a protagonist. One is typically the reflection of the other in every possible way. What is Batman without the Joker? What is Superman without Lex Luther? These questions, often …

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Adam Cole: He’s in Demand, BAYBAY!

In his latest piece for PWP Nation, Marc Madison talks about the hottest free agent in professional wrestling Adam Cole, BAYBAY! Adam Cole is among the most popular wrestlers outside the WWE. It would be easy to dismiss his potential departure from Ring of Honor as self-serving, but the truth …

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Christopher Daniels & Brian Kendrick: Their Best Stand Isn’t Their Last

In his latest piece, Marc Madison explains why the recent success of Christopher Daniels and Brian Kendrick, although it may be their best, will most certainly not be their last time in the spotlight.  During this past summer’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic, there was a story told about a long-time wrestler …

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Embracing the Melting Pot That is WWE

PWP Nation’s Marc Madison explains why WWE’s never-ending melting pot is one of the company’s greatest strengths.  WWE is a big place, with several different characters, personalities, personas, storylines and angles making up its operation. Fans are well aware that the stories told will take us on twists and turns …

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Could a Proposed Travel Ban Impact WWE?

In his first piece for PWP Nation, Marc Madison tackles the controversial issue of how a possible travel ban could negatively impact WWE.   As a Canadian, this really shouldn’t matter. The issue shouldn’t bother me in the least, but as a wrestling fan it actually could have potentially disturbing …

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