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AJ Styles Has Advice for New WWE Talent

What can be said about the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles? He is the best wrestler on the planet and has conquered every modern-day wrestling promotion he’s wrestled in.

From Impact Wrestling (TNA), Ring of Honor, NJPW and WWE, every where this man has been, he’s done it all and has risen to the top of each promotion respectively.

He has earned the right to be called: “The Face That Runs The Place” and is the premiere athlete for WWE’s SmackDown Live Brand.

In a recent interview conducted with “Inside the Ropes”, AJ Styles offered the following advice to WWE newcomers looking to break into the business:

“I know I didn’t go through NXT. But the learning curve is very steep and you better learn very quickly if you’re able to bypass NXT. I said this to Triple H that they need to go to NXT. There’s so much that goes on to just the camera and the way that it’s directed at you that I didn’t learn anywhere else. They want it done a certain way. Either they throw you into the fire and it’s sink or swim or you go into NXT and learn.”

“If you knew how quickly I had to learn once I got there, how important things are to the big man. Is it a little stressful? Absolutely. And I couldn’t be asked twice to learn it. It’s one time, that’s it. Luckily I was able to learn very quickly.”

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