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Adam Cole Fired From Bullet Club; Enter Marty Scurll

As many people have seen from the “Being the Elite: Episode 52” video on YouTube, or any Ring of Honor social media posts, Bullet Club went through some big changes the other night at War of the Worlds.

​While Adam Cole was in the ring following a loss to Hiroshi Tanahashi, The Young Bucks came out to console their friend, in Bullet Club fashion when a video started playing on their big screen. The contents of the video?

The leader of Bullet Club Kenny Omega fired Adam Cole from the stable. With their rivalry heating up over who truly was the leader of Bullet Club, Kenny played his ace in the hole.

​Usually when a member of Bullet Club leaves, its not long until someone else puts on the black and white shirt and takes on the Too Sweet Lifestyle. And in this case, as Kenny said “Every story has a hero, and a villain”.

Enter Marty Scurll, The Villain, Ring of Honor TV Champion and a fast rising rookie in ROH. ​Marty came out to the ring in his usually evil villain attire with the creepy old doctors mask, when he opened up his umbrella to unveil the Bullet Club logo. After smashing the umbrella against Adam Cole’s face, Scurll took off his coat to reveal the Bullet Club t-shirt.

​What does this mean for Marty and Bullet Club? Marty is entering the New Japan Super Junior’s Tournament and has a great chance at winning it. That would be great for Bullet Club and help establish Marty in the business.

​And what about Adam Cole?

Well in similar fashion to when AJ Styles had left, Bullet Club turned on him. Does this mean its official Adam is leaving? Who knows. But we could be seeing the former Panama City Playboy show up at NXT, New Japan or maybe even Impact. Adam Cole’s future is bright wherever he goes, and personally I’d like to see him on NXT.

But wherever he goes I look forward to more great stories and matches.

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